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According to Eurostat data, from 2017, the level of immigrants in Europe is decreasing, but the current number of immigrants in each country continues to grow. In order to reduce the negative attitude of the population towards immigrants, a number of measures are being promoted and implemented. The objective and the main result of this project is to collect the experience and knowledge of social organisations and training centres, to develop a modern training tool that is easy to adapt to each country, which through the ICT will to help train migrants and refugees at different levels of education and social status, providing them with basic knowledge of business principles, steps towards the development of their business, thereby also promoting their integration.

However, it is important to mention that this learning tool is freely available, so any interested party who wants to receive a view of the main business principles is invited to sign up to study the available training materials and other resources to be used independently.

The Program acquisition time is 40h envisages such topics as 1) finding a business idea, 2) creating a business plan, 3) choosing a business form, 4) positioning a business idea, 5) financial management, 6) a project. management, 7) business support options and 8) current taxes. During the project programme is designed so it could be learned in the online environment, including face-to-face meetings.

Upon completion of each course, the participant will receive a certificate of completion of the relevant module. In turn, after completing the program, the participants of the project will have an opportunity to receive the support of the mentor who will assist with the necessary consultations and provide the necessary support if the project participant has a business idea which he or she wants to realize.

Don’t be an outstander!

Within the framework of the project, each registered participant will have the opportunity to acquire and receive an attestation regarding the acquisition of each course. Together, 8 courses have been developed which include knowledge of both general business principles and the State to which it relates specific cases and factors that should be known and taken into account when initiating their business. Within the framework of the project, after training, those who are interested in realizing their ideas, will be provided with immediate mentor support. In turn, after the project framework, the training participant will be able to decide independently on the support options for the realization of his or her idea.

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